About Us

We at Six Pack Bakery are inspired to develop and share products that help everyone enjoy the fun and flavor of foods usually considered unhealthy..


Our first product innovation is a guilt-free way to enjoy waffles without the unwanted carbohydrates, sugar or calories. Traditionally considered one of the absolute worst foods to eat if living a healthy lifestyle, we have re-created an old favorite into a plant-based, high protein, low carb delicious meal.

Designed for athletes, families enjoying life, or people wanting to lose extra pounds…in other words, designed for everybody.

Where Did The Idea For Our Waffles Come From?

The idea for our waffles came from a couple experiences. For the past 14 years when my son was a toddler, he fell in love with my gourmet Belgium waffles. When I say "fell in love", I mean it! Every morning before driving him to pre-school, I would ask him what he wanted for breakfast and just about every morning he would ask for one of my waffles.

So, for nearly 10 years he ate waffles for breakfast during our car ride to school.

Since it was impossible with a busy schedule to make waffles from scratch each morning and the options at the grocery store had nearly zero nutritional value,
I got very good at meal prepping waffles and freezing them on the weekends.

At the same time, I am a former professional athlete and bodybuilder (as well as a foodie) who was always focused on the benefits of healthy eating to fuel my goals. By adopting a keto diet, I have been able to maintain my desired physique for over 10 years although also having to give up some of my favorite foods like waffles.

A few years ago, I said enough is enough and created a recipe from years of making waffles for my family but high in plant-based proteins, low in carbs, and truly a waffle taste and crunch.

Today, my son is also an athlete, an emerging professional soccer player in Germany, and now eats E. L.’s Waffles (Dad’s) to fuel his own athletic career!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as our families do.